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  • HOTDOG DOG TOY - Silver Paw
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Introducing our Hotdog Dog Toy – a playful and mouthwatering addition to our canine toy lineup, designed to bring joy and entertainment to your furry friends. Crafted with pet-friendly materials, this delightful toy is sure to add a dash of fun to playtime.

The Hotdog Dog Toy features a realistic hotdog design that will capture your dog's attention. Made from durable and safe materials, it's perfect for interactive play, fetch, and even a satisfying chew. The unique shape and texture provide dogs with a stimulating experience, promoting both physical activity and mental engagement.

Designed to withstand the enthusiastic play of dogs, the Hotdog Dog Toy is a durable choice for pets of all sizes. Whether your customers' dogs are indulging in a game of toss and retrieve or simply enjoying a solo chewing session, this toy delivers on both durability and entertainment.

Elevate your pet product collection with the Hotdog Dog Toy from Silver Paw – because every canine companion deserves a toy that's as delightful as it is durable!

Where are you located?

Our head office is located in Montreal, Canada, where all our products are designed in house. We also have US facilities in Champlain, NY and Plainfield, IL.

How can I contact Silver Paw?

You can reach out to us via email at or message us on Facebook & Instagram @silverpawdog.

Do you have an ambassador/influencer program?

We sure do! Message us on Instagram @silverpawdog to learn more about it!