Our Tail.

From the get-go, Silver Paw had a strong grasp of what it takes to flourish in the pet lifestyle and accessories business. With the fundamental focus of providing pet owners with a brand that can offer functionality, innovation, and one-of-a-kind design features, the Silver Paw pack continues to expand new ways to further disrupt the pet industry. 

Above and beyond the aesthetics, comfort, and pricing, we’ve always known firsthand that it all truly begins with the unconditional love shared between a person and their furry friend. We realized that a combination of passion, commitment, and consistency translates no matter where you apply it on the chain. 

Silver Paw has rapidly grown into apparel, walking gear, beds, treats, veterinary health products, and other pet accessories with the main goal of becoming the ultimate one-stop-shop for all things dog. No other canine brand has both the breadth and depth of product lines that Silver Paw can deliver. 

And friends, this is just the beginning…

The Miller Pack.

We're dog people - a unique breed. A breed of Miller boys who see dogs for what they are; a gift. Our fathers, the 'original' Miller boys, built a successful company around the premise of designing baby clothing that is both stylish, and high quality. When we founded Silver Paw, none of us had children of our own just yet. What we did have though were dogs, whom we loved like our very own children. We'd buy them the highest quality treats, the warmest winter jackets, and of course, the cutest clothing. And just like that, we had an idea. We thought, what if we can take the same mentality our fathers had, and replicate it for our 'children'? What if we can build a brand that is a one stop shop for all things dog? Welcome to Silver Paw - a dog accessories and lifestyle brand designed by dog lovers, for dog lovers.


Most companies state their values in a manifesto - we show it through our products.  At Silver Paw, we believe in licking (back) the ones you love. We believe in the power of the dog. We believe that every dog should be treated like a child; spoiled rotten by all those around them. 

Why? Because they deserve it. So, know that when you purchase from Silver Paw, you're purchasing with a purpose. We fabricate each product with your furry friends at the forefront of our minds, along with an abundance of love, thoughtful design, and of course, only the best quality for the best beings on earth. We’re dog people; it’s really that simple

Paw it Forward

SPCA Donations

Silver Paw has donated millions of dollars to the SPCA over the last 5 years.

Paid Surgeries

Anonymously paid for many dogs’ surgeries when the families were unable to do so.