The power of good design.

Engrained in every stitch



Keep the dog, get rid of the smell! All of our textile-based products are coated with SILVERSHIELD™, a patented treatment that helps eliminate odor from pets and good for up to 100 washes. Activated silver ions eliminate bacteria on contact and prevent that lingering “wet dog” smell in your house and car.



As the saying goes, a bark is worth a thousand words…well not quite, but when it’s REALLY cold outside it’s hard to know if your furry friend is staying warm (or not). Enter ColdAlert™, an easy highly visible patch built into the garment, that reacts to the ambient temperature around your dog and changes color when conditions become more extreme.



Who doesn’t like a good sun tan? Definitely not your dog and UV rays can be quite harmful in the peak of summer. Found on the exterior of the garment, the SunAlert™patch changes color according to UV ray intensity to let you know when it’s time to find some shade or head inside for a treat fresh bowl of water.