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  • FLAT BONE DOG TOY - Silver Paw
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Introducing our Flat Bone Dog Toy – a seamless addition to the same captivating collection as our Round One, crafted with the same commitment to quality and enjoyment for your canine friends. Made from durable rubber, this toy is designed for engaging play and satisfying chewing experiences.

The Flat Bone Dog Toy shares the familiar round bone collection's dedication to durability and safety. Its flat design provides a unique twist to playtime, offering dogs a different tactile experience. Crafted with textured surfaces, this toy promotes dental health while ensuring a comfortable grip for your dog during interactive play.

As part of the same esteemed collection as our Round One, the Flat Bone Dog Toy upholds Silver Paw's standards for high-quality pet products. Its robust construction ensures resilience against enthusiastic play, making it a dependable choice for pet owners seeking engaging and enduring toys.

Elevate your pet product collection with the Flat Bone Dog Toy from Silver Paw – because every canine companion deserves a diverse and durable range of toys for endless playtime enjoyment!

Where are you located?

Our head office is located in Montreal, Canada, where all our products are designed in house. We also have US facilities in Champlain, NY and Plainfield, IL.

How can I contact Silver Paw?

You can reach out to us via email at or message us on Facebook & Instagram @silverpawdog.

Do you have an ambassador/influencer program?

We sure do! Message us on Instagram @silverpawdog to learn more about it!