Silver Paw™ pet products are treated with a breakthrough technology called SilverShield®, a powerful antimicrobial agent that eliminates odor-causing bacteria and maintains a long lasting freshness.

All Silver Paw™ pet products are 100% pet safe and SilverShield® technology is EPA and PMRA registered.

(EPA REGISTERED # 84630-2)


Always Protect Your Pets, Live Clean with Silver Paw.


The first ever pet product line that will allow pets and households to live germ and odor free


bacteria odor


Patented technology


Antimicrobial agent - releasing silver ions


Destroy microbs metabolism


Eliminating odor causing bacteria


Silvershield treated products also contain an active ingredient, that stops the reproduction, growth and transmission of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes


Silvershield coating forms a colorless and odorless translucent film on the product, last over 100 washe

All Silverpaw products are 100% pet safe and EPA registered